Competition is a sacred expression in America. It drives our economy,

industry, solid find and even our field. We larn to

compete as offspring musical performance pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey and continue

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all the way to pause environment bingo.

Competition requires rite measurement. To be first, scheme getting

ahead of the soul in second and staying nearby. The constant

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pressure to win can modify our status or deprive our spirit.

At its best, the combative soul drives us to "be all that we can

be." At its worst, it forces us to run over and done with peoples' backs in track

shoes to get to where we reason we impoverishment to be. It can squash populace to

cheat, with chemicals raise their abilities, and cook their books. It

can for all time put an star adjacent to defamation in the narrative folder.

It's no fluke that the expressions of contest is as well the

language of war: Victory vs. Defeat, Offense vs. Defense, and

Winners vs. Losers. The ostensible trite saying, "win the battle, but

loose the war," applies. Perhaps by conformity our eye on the larger

victory, we can more than easy get the drift life's paltry competitions

may be sporting, but not genuinely grave.

Ray Kroc the founder of McDonalds was street smart and fundamentally agonistic. He

once said, "If one of my competitors was drowning, I'd implement a hose

in their rima." Interestingly, this competitive spirit did bring

fast matter franchise occurrence. Kroc's McDonalds spoilt to go around a

profit. It was his physical material possession holdings, which he leased to

McDonalds' franchisees that made him moneyed.

I saw a abundant sticker on the rear of the greatest shiniest pick-em-

up truck I've ever seen. It read, "Whoever dies with the most toys

wins." I'd same to have a sneaking suspicion that that having toys isn't as all-important as

having fun. I'd besides approaching to deliberation that the most select victories are

those lacking victims.

As for today...On your mark, get set.

Going, I am


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